Wednesday 11 January 2012

Which Bishops celebrate the Extraordinary Form?

An extraordinary "thank you" to The Eponymous Flower for a very interesting piece of research that identifies those Bishops in the world who have celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form since Summorum Pontificum.
H/T also to Kate Edwards at Australia Incognita.

It is an impressive list and I was surprised to see that Great Britain had such a large entry. Well, we beat Croatia and Paraguay anyway!

Sadly, our Bishops tend to reserve this great honour for that once a year occasion at a Mass organised by the LMS (nothing wrong in that, just that it would be a good thing if it was once a month rather than once a year).

Also, many of those who do, fall into the Auxiliary category but I suppose we can draw some crumb of comfort from that as, presumably these are the mainstream Bishops and Archbishops of the future.

And now a little picture quiz - I hope that you enjoy it, sadly, no prizes for getting it right - you will see why.......

Which of these Bishops celebrates Mass in the Extraordinary Form?

                                         This Bishop?                                                       

Australian Bishop Justin Bianchini
(Australia Incognita blog)

Or...........................this one?

Bishop John Arnold, Westminster Auxiliary

Now how did you get that right? -  Pure genius! 


  1. Thanks to the Accion Liturgica blog for all their hard work. We just did a little transcription.

  2.'re wicked ;)

    ( and yes, judging from a quick Google, it appears I did guess correctly)